A Letter From Keishia


Keishia Alexandra-KHAIR EXTENSIONS


Hello Beautiful, 

Thank you so much for visiting my shop!

My name is Keishia Alexandra, Founder of KHAIR Extensions. But I am many things! Fluent in french, proud Montreal native, no stranger to shopping or makeup and endlessly obsessed in my pursuit of the absolute best quality hair extensions!  

Why I started KHAIR.

For as long as I can remember, I have always struggled with styling my natural hair. While I love having different hairstyles like beach blow out waves, spiral curls, or long and straight, I have always found it so frustrating to try to do these fun styles with my own hair. It would take hours to blow it out or add waves or curls. And it just wouldn't hold the style I wanted. Not to mention all the time it took, and the damage I was doing to my own fragile hair.

I really wanted the freedom of having my hair short one day and long the other, having it curly one day and straight the other. I wanted to feel confident that my style would last all day.

After talking to my friends one day, I realized I was not alone in my struggles and that is how KHAIR was born.

KHAIR is for all of us.

I created KHAIR for the woman who wants to rock long hair today and short the next with an easy protective hairstyle.

But, KHAIR is also for the girl who wants to rock a blond wig for her girls night out and go back to her natural brunette on her trip the next day.

KHAIR is for those of us who don't have a million dollars but want to look it. That's why you will notice our hair extensions are very high in quality, but the prices are still affordable. I want you to be able to purchase multiple styles from the fun set of clip ins, to the lace front wigs. 

I want you to feel like your beautiful self, but with some options to change your look.

It's all about enhancing your beauty.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact me! I would love to help.


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