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Cambodian Lace Frontals - All Textures


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Cambodian Lace Frontals - All Textures
Cambodian Lace Frontals - All Textures
Cambodian Lace Frontals - All Textures
Cambodian Lace Frontals - All Textures
Cambodian Lace Frontals - All Textures

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KHAIR Cambodian Lace Frontals

Cambodian Lace Frontals:

Frontals are designed to go from ear to ear for full coverage. Made with high quality lace and baby hair for that perfect blend to your hair line. These frontals are made with top quality Cambodian hair. This hair is not too silky, so it will blend well with many hair types. 

About Cambodian Hair:

Cambodian hair is top quality, it is thick luscious not too silky and is 100% raw hair that quality is the best in our wefted hair. With proper care, this hair could last approximately 3 years.

The hair is machine wefted for consistency and durability. The perfect solution for a totally natural look! Each “package” contains between 3.5 and 4 ounces of hair. 

100% Virgin Remy Human Hair

Our wefted hair extensions are made with the highest quality 100% virgin hair. There are no synthetic fibers of any kind and all extensions come from conscientious donors. 

Because this hair is human hair, the natural dark brown colour. The shade of the hair will vary depending on the region and donors natural hair colour. It is advised you order a full set to avoid variations in colour between orders. 

About KHAIR Extensions:

Our machine weft hair extensions are 100% natural and unmodified, without synthetic fibres. They blend in perfectly with your real hair, or can cover them completely with a Closure or Lace frontal without artificial effects. They’re also easy to style, heat-resistant, they don’t get tangled easily and have minimal shedding.

Natural Coloured Hair Extensions

KHAIR wefts extensions are neither coloured nor permed, rather processed in to different textures to save you time with styling. The texture will hold through washing and conditioning. Available in these popular textures: straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave & curly. 

KHAIRing for Your Hair Extensions

Before wearing your KHAIR extensions, we recommend washing them carefully with conditioner. Use your fingers to comb the conditioner through the hair and let air dry.

After washing you'll notice the strands will be more beautiful and durable, for a result that lives up to your expectations!

Treating your hair extensions with care, the average life should be 2-3 years.

Product Specifications:
    • 13x4 Lace Frontal  
    • 100% unprocessed raw hair
    • Cuticles intact and Silky smooth texture
    • Thick from top to bottom
    • Minimal to No shedding/Minimal to No tangling
    • Easy to style
    • Heat Resistant
    • Heat and Colour friendly *We advise you to consult a professional colorist

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