Lace Frontal


The lace frontal, is wider than the lace closure , it's 13X4 goes from one ear to the other. It "covers" so the whole front of the head.

100% natural hair (smooth, wavy or curly) and without synthetic material are attached to a very light tulle (lace). The lace frontal has a base of 13 "x 4", on which are also fixed "baby hair" which bring an even more natural touch to the final rendering.  You can combine the lace frontal to wefted hair extensions.

The 360 lace frontal is a type of lace frontal that goes around your head. Without any synthetic fiber, the natural hair is firmly woven on a strip of tulle. It closes on itself to form a circle, which surrounds the head. The fixation in your hair is done by weaving.  You can combine the 360 lace frontal to wefted hair extensions.

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